Valentine’s day at the 7th most Intagrammable cafe in the world

Valentine’s day at the 7th most Intagrammable cafe in the world

​What comes to mind when you think Valentine’s day? Something classy, yet chic, something elegant, yet simple. I had dinner at Tania’s Teahouse and the cafe checked all these boxes. I experienced the best welcome from the door with smiles from every employee at the cafe. The cafe had a pleasant, soothing ambiance which was absolutely perfect. Honestly, it is absolutely Instagrammable.

I’m still getting used to the menu in Dubai so I ordered something a bit familiar which is the Flipping Flapjacks. It’s basically pancakes with oreos or lotus with iced milked bubble tea and tapioca, OMG, I loved this tea so much. I also got water with lime, for my skin lol.

Let’s talk interior a bit, it looked like a mini-doll house with a pink and white theme which is perfect for any lady who loves pictures, well-arranged decorations, picture frames and props with classy and comfortable furniture. I really loved it here.

The photo appears orange because I edited it in lightroom

So there you have it, the 7th most Instagrammable cafe in the world. I need to see the top 6 lol, what about you?

Queenet Eze
Queenet Eze

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  1. Chessi
    March 19, 2020 / 12:54 pm

    Really nice, would like to visit someday. Great work!

    • Queenet Eze
      March 19, 2020 / 3:42 pm

      Definitely. It’s a must

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