At The Top Of Burj Khalifa- Tickets, Timing, and Activities

At The Top Of Burj Khalifa- Tickets, Timing, and Activities

The tallest building in the world needs no introduction. It’s visible from miles away, but nothing can beat the view from the top. At over 829 metres high, the Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world since it’s opening in 2010. 

You can’t visit Dubai without getting to the top of the tallest building in the world. Make your way to the observation points  ‘ At The Top’ on levels 124 and 125 and begin an amazing journey. If you are willing to pay an extra, you can go up to the 148th floor observatory, but to be honest the view from levels 124 and 125 and the outdoor platform there is perfectly fine.

Burj Khalifa Tickets and Timing

*Prime hours are subject to change as per season and weather. 

LEVEL 125 + 124
LEVEL 148 + 125 +124
Non-prime hours08h30 – 15h30 and
18h30 until closing
19h00 until closing
Adult (12 years +) General AdmissionAED 135AED 370
Child (4-12 years) General AdmissionAED 100AED 370
Prime hours*16h00 – 18h0009h30 – 18h00
Adult (12 years +) General AdmissionAED 210AED 525
Child (4-12 years) General AdmissionAED 170AED 525
Adult (12 years +) Immediate Entry AdmissionAED 315N/A
Child (4-12 years) Immediate Entry AdmissionAED 315N/A
Infant (below 4 years) Immediate Entry AdmissionFREEFREE

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I must add this, the queue is very long and could be discouraging, having to wait for minutes. How to solve this? Get the fast track tickets. The fast track tickets allows you to move ahead of the long queue. Allows you to enter the elevators before anyone else. You can get the fast track tickets from

Experienced this and i felt like a really important person. 

Things to do at the top

1. Enjoy the view and take beautiful pictures. Level 124 has this ledge on the floor where one can sit and admire the whole city.

2. There is a mini cafe at level 124, where one can get light snacks and a drink while touring the whole level.

3. Visit the gift shop at level 124, for amazing merchandise and souvenirs for your loved ones.

4. Explore level 125 and take really cool pictures in the level. This level has amazing photo spots.

How to get to Burj Khalifa?

Go to Dubai Mall. Burj Khalifa is situated in The Dubai Mall. The mall is located at the First Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road, not too far from the central business district. Taxis and buses run along Sheikh Zayed Road, the Red Line metro stops here and a free shuttle runs from major hotels.

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